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Past Events

Global Chamber helps companies get engaged more successfully with global business. Some past events…

August 2014

August, 2014: South of the Border

Mexico Consul General Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez; Tony Banegas – Honorary Consul of Honduras in Arizona; Hugh Hallman – Former Mayor of Tempe and candidate for State Treasurer; Anurag Kumar – CEO of iTexico

June 2014

June, 2014: A More Global Phoenix

Keith Galbut – Galbut & Galbut; Hank Marshall – City of Phoenix; Mary Hebert – GPEC; Doug Bruhnke – Global Chamber & Growth Nation

May 2014

May, 2014: Cinco de Global

Lyndon Smith – President/CEO of BioHumanetics

May 2014

May, 2014: VerdeXchange Arizona 2014

International event organized with partners and including 25 Mayors plus over 100 speakers from Arizona, the Southwest and around the world – on creating a sustainable economy on the desert that includes a successful global footprint for the region.

April 2014

April, 2014: Hot Slice of Global Business

Charles Bruce, President & CEO at Peter Piper Pizza; Eddy Jimenez – Kahala Corp; Yadong Liu – Executive Director and GM at CEFC Investment Holdings

June 2014

March, 2014: Giving Life to Global Growth

Matthew Likens (CEO of Ulthera), Joel Barthelemy (Managing Director of Global Med) and Joan Koerber-Walker (CEO of AZBio) speaking about life science company success outside the U.S.

February 2014

February, 2014: Global Business Heroes

Global Heroes: Bob Bingham (Little Gym International) and Kyle Walker (Green Card Fund)

December 2013

December, 2013: Arizona Global Report Card

Hank Marshall, City of Phoenix, Economic Development Executive Officer

November 2013 20

November, 2013: Canada Arizona Magic

Glenn Williamson, Chairman of EPCOR & CEO of Canada Arizona Business Council

October 2013 2013

October, 2013: Grow Globally PHX 2013

All the International Resources, All Together, One Time Per Year. Watch the video.

May 2014

October, 2013: VerdeXchange Arizona 2013

Inaugural international event created with partners that included 20 Mayors and nearly 100 speakers from Arizona and around the world.

August 2013

August, 2013: Green, Global & Greek 2013

Speakers Professor Hui, CEO of Monarch Power, Leisa Brug, Governor’s Energy Policy Advisor, and Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation (and AZIGG).

June 2013

June, 2013: Fore, Global! International Golf Opportunities

Panelists Lee Schmidt (Schmidt-Curley Design), Jon Bloom (, Arron Oberholser ( and PGA golfer), William Carey (Dixon Golf) and Penny Pulz (LPGA tour winner) discussing opportunities on the international stage for Arizona in golf.

May 2013

May, 2013: Cross Cultural Magic

Panelists Jack Brooks (Axway), Melissa Lamson (Lamson Consulting), Irena Juras (Juras Law Firm), Gary Covert (CQ Coach) and Kelly Isley (Honeywell Aerospace) discussing cross cultural fluency. Great discussion!

April 2013

April, 2013: Arizona Aerospace – Continued Flight, or Grounded?

Speakers Glenn Williamson (KinetX Aerospace), Stephane Frijia (GPEC) and Birgitte Santaella (Arizona Commerce Authority) and the good, the bad and the ugly. And hope.

March 2013

March, 2013: President Kiyoko Toyama of NKK Switches

Kiyoko Toyama gave an outstanding presentation on growing an international company in Arizona. Read a presentation summary here on the Growth Nation blog.

February 2013

February, 2013: CEO Arif Surmen of QDIStone

Arif Surmen has led Phoenix-based QDIStone to become the US leader importing travertine and limestone natural building products. The company has earned the position of number 1510 on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US – the second year in a row on the list. Arif shared tips on their international success, and how other companies in AZ can become a #1 importer.

January 2013

January, 2013: World Trade Forum V by Snell & Wilmer

Moderator Brett Johnson of Snell & Wilmer with 3 international speakers on the status and future of global business in Arizona. Speakers Eric Nielsen of U.S. Commercial Service, Keith Watkins of Arizona Commerce Authority and City of Phoenix Councilman Bill Gates.

December 2012

Dec, 2012: Rudy Vetter: Global Arizona – Are We There Yet?

Featured the always frank and entertaining Rudy Vetter discussing the future of international business in Arizona. His presentation shares the good, bad and other for global business in Arizona – contact us at for the info.

November 2012

November, 2012: Lon Safko on World Winning Marketing

Featured the one and only entrepreneur, marketing guru and 9-time author Lon Safko discussing the next generation of global marketing – pictures on our Facebook page.

November 2012

October, 2012: Grow Globally 2012

Featured all the global resources in Arizona, all together, once per year! That was crowded, noisy and fun! Thanks to everyone who came out – pictures on our Facebook page and here’s a listing of the international organizations who had a table.

August 2012

August, 2012: Green, Global and Greek 2012

Featured Glenn Hamer, CEO of Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Roger Downey, Communications Manager of GlobalMed Telemedicine and Patrick O’Grady, Reporter for the Phoenix Business Journal.

August 2012

June, 2012: Global AZ Tech Beat

Featured Gordon McConnell, Executive Director of VentureCatalyst at ASU, Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft and and Steve Zylstra, CEO of Arizona Technology Council. Blog post and pictures here

May 2012

May, 2012: Arizona-Africa Growth Opportunities

Featured Lee Clegg of, Erika Amoako-Agyai of African Business Review and Dr. Innocent Abiaka of AMI Consultants. Check out the AZIGG Facebook page for more info.

April 2012

April, 2012: Arizona’s International Non-Profits

Subtitle: ‘Having More Impact from the Desert’. Featured moderator Maryanne Weiss (Gustare) and special guests Tony Banegas (Arizona Community Foundation), Marilee Dal Pra (Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust), J.P. Dahdah (Advance Guatemala), Tom Egan (Esperanca), Tony Mollica (Project Foundation) and Sue Reiner (AZCIV). We discussed keys to operating and marketing an international non-profit – visit Facebook for pictures.


March, 2012: Be Able, Be Funded, Grow Globally

Featured CEO Lee Benson (Able Engineering), Pellson Lau (U.S. SBA), Kevin O’Shea (Arizona Commerce Authority and Doug Bruhnke (Growth Nation). We discussed tools, techniques and incentives to grow globally – see pictures on the AZIGG Facebook page.


February, 2012: Arizona-Canada Business Opportunities

Featured Sr. Trade Commissioner and Consul Brad Niblock and Director Sally Taylor of KeatsConnelly. It was the 3rd annual Canada Day at AZIGG. Once again we were part of Canada Week in Phoenix. Check out pictures from the event (and the Canadian Picnic) on the AZIGG Facebook page.


January, 2012: World Trade Expo IV

An Event by Snell & Wilmer, Chairman Sponsor of AZIGG. Thank you to Snell & Wilmer for the 4th annual World Trade Expo held at the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Phoenix. See you all next year!


December, 2011: Arizona-Mexico Business Opportunities

Growing Your Business Cross-border to Mexico and Points South. Featured expert speakers on U.S.-Mexico cross-border business including Jeff Austin, Vice Consul, U.S. Department of State in Nogales, Raquel Landa Cavazos, Professor, Tec de Monterrey, Alejandro de la Maza, EVP of GoNetUSA and Carlos Sugich, Partner at Snell & Wilmer. You can find pictures at the Facebook page for Arizona International Growth Group.


November, 2011: A Most Interesting Global Journey

Growing an Arizona Business Globally. Featured Jim Ratcliff, CEO of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals discussing their global business journey. Jim took us on quite an unexpected journey! You can find pictures at the Facebook page for Arizona International Growth Group.


October, 2011: AZIGG Grow Globally Phoenix Fair

Featured the third annual signature event with a walking tour of ALL the global business resources in town.? 50 exhibitors and over 200 attendees enjoyed the international evening at ASU SkySong and the food sponsored by Chairman Sponsor Snell & Wilmer. See the pictures at the Arizona International Growth Group Facebook page. That was FUN!


September, 2011: Grow Globally, Responsibly

Featured Melissa Sanderson, Vice President at Freeport McMoRan discussing international relations, cultural sensitivity, setting up the right sorts of consultative social programs and transferring corporate values to other cultures. What an enjoyable and informative meeting! Mel shared her love of international – including the good and the bad. Check out the AZIGG Facebook page for pictures.


August, 2011: Green, Global and Greek

The 3rd Annual discussion of sustainability in Arizona over lunch at the best Greek restaurant in Phoenix Greekfest (20th Street and Camelback). The event featured Patrick O’Grady (Phoenix Business Journal), Toby Rolt (Brilliant Green Energy) and Jim Vogt (ECOtality). Check out our AZIGG Facebook page for pictures.


June, 2011: AZIGG International State of the State

The 4th Annual “International State of the State” featured Chris Camacho, Executive VP of International Business Development at Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC). Chris presented an update on international economic development for the State of Arizona including what’s working, what’s not and what needs to happen going forward to optimize success. Check out the AZIGG Facebook page for pictures.


April, 2011: Homerun Networking

Our second event in April featured executives from the Arizona Diamondbacks and a full house of top business executives in Phoenix assembled in the Center Field ‘Diamond Club’. Thanks to organizer Phoenix CEO-CFO Group and co-host ACG-Arizona for a great event!

April #2

April, 2011:?Import, Export and International Logistics

Our “First Monday” April event featured Ian Clough, CEO of DHL Express, Dr. Arnold Maltz of ASU and Frank Meijers of Dutch-American Business Accelerator. Mr. Clough discussed the current global landscape and outlook. Dr. Maltz share logistics information specific to Arizona and Frank Meijers discussed US-Dutch trade. Pictures from the event are shown on the AZIGG Facebook page.


March, 2011:?Cross Cultural Success for the Global Entrepreneur

Our March event featured Gloria Petersen of Global Protocol and Doug Bruhnke of Growth Nation sharing tips on cross cultural issues to improve business success. Pictures from the event are shown on the AZIGG Facebook page.


February, 2011:?Cold Weather, Hot Business: Arizona-Canada Opportunities

It was?Canada Week in Arizona. ?The Great Canadian Picnic was on Saturday, February 5th and then it was a discussion of how Arizona business owners can succeed in Canada at AZIGG. ?Our event featured Consulate General?Rick Stephenson, Canadian Entrepreneur Extraordinaire?Glenn Williamson,?Alison Kelly?of Avnet,?Trevor Hill?of Global Water Resources and?Eddy Jimenez?of Kahala Corporation (Cold Stone Creamery) – all representing or discussing successful companies in the great cold market to the north. It’s HOT. Pictures from the event are shown on the AZIGG Facebook page.


January, 2011:?World Trade Forum III

It was the annual international trade forum by Snell & Wilmer and moderated by Snell & Wilmer partner Brett W. Johnson. 220 RSVP’s heard top government officials from local, state and national levels reflect on what happened in 2010 and discuss the outlook for 2011 with regard to global trade, government efforts and programs to stimulate international trade, and how all of this will impact Arizona. Featured speakers Eric Nielsen, Bennett Curry, Don Maxwell and Professor David Gantz. Read the summary by Betty Beard of the Arizona Republic.

AZIGG Events 2007-2010

For 2007 through December, 2010 events…

Please click here at

Global Chamber

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